CMEA State Band and Orchestra Festival

A few hours ago the River City High School Wind Ensemble accomplished something that is very extraordinary. At 8am this morning they took the stage at the Robert Mondavi Center and performed their concert set from the Spring term. This festival was the state level CMEA (California Music Educators Association) festival. They received a Unanimous Superior rating from the judges who were all college level music professors. This is about the highest mark or accolade that you can be given in our field. More importantly than ratings, the students pulled together and really achieved a level of musicality that has left me in awe. Several members of our WUSD staff and parents were in attendance and can attest to this, I’m sure. I am confident that these young musicians, even if they quit music after high school, will head into the world and accomplish great things. Each student musician has demonstrated to me that they have the professionalism and work ethic it takes to be successful members of our society. It is an honor to be able to stand in front of them day after day and watch them grow into the musicians and people they have become.

You can check out some photos here

Mondavi plaque Mondavi selfie band Mondavi selfie hall Mondavi stage center Mondavi stage lf


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  1. Kimy Gibson

    Fabulous. I competed in this same thing in Michigan all four years of HS. It is such an honor just to be there. To have done so wonderful three years in a row really says something. You have a great program, students who work very hard, and a wonderful and dedicated leader. Congrads to all

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